Welcome to GCUOBA

Oct 12, 13 Welcome to GCUOBA

The Government College Umuahia Old Boys Association is home to a community that embodies the spirit, knowledge and wisdom fostered by the colonial masters with the help of an English Anglican pastor, Rev. Robert Fisher.

Led by a history of competent and dedicated leaders, the GCUOBA strives to keep graduates connected, bringing awareness to issues that affect the college and the continuing fight to preserve Government College Umuahia and its mission.

The mission of Government College Umuahia Old Boys Association is to create a lifelong and worldwide community of alumni through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase awareness, pride, participation, volunteer involvement, and philanthropic commitment to the Government College Umuahia.


  1. Jerome OBI ETA
    Jerome OBI ETA /

    I am surprised that it is not possible to get news of old colleagues and classmates from the site. There should be a possibility for any registered member to find information about an old classsmate by typing his name to get into the repertoire of the members. This will also enable us to get in contact with lost friends.

    Secondly, I feel that we the old boys should be able to raise funds for the improvement of some of the buildings or other installations in the college as it is done with US and Canadian universities. Ours is an elitist institution and should not be allowed to go to ruins as I saw in some photos posted on one website by an old boy. This fund raising should be run by the executive and should be conttinuous (from year to year). We should not leave everything to the government. I am sure the President or the Secretary General have received appeals from their former univeristies and can get inspiration from them.

    I am anxiously waiting to see these improvements on the website.

    Best regards,
    Jerome OBI ETA

  2. Webmaster

    Thank you Sir for commenting on this site. Notice that your site is already programmed to collect and store all kinds of data. To find an alumnus, simply click on the ‘Find an alumnus button’ located at the top of each page

    • Jerome OBI ETA
      Jerome OBI ETA /

      Dear Web master,
      Thank you for your prompt reply to my message of 15 instant. I am very surprised that I am the only member who has a profile in the site. Are all the old boys lazy or they do not know that the site exists? Maybe some publicity at the branches could help. I hope you have passed on my proposal on fund raising to the National executive.

      Best regards,

      Jerome OBI ETA

  3. Jerome OBI ETA
    Jerome OBI ETA /

    Dear Webmaster,

    I am still waiting for information on my proposal for fund raising to save the college which I requested that you pass on to the National Executive.
    Furthermore, I am still very surprised that nearly six months after I posted my first comments, there has been no reaction from any old boy. Remarkable for old boys of an institution like Government College Umuahia.

    Best Regards,

    Jerome OBI ETA

  4. Webmaster

    Thank you Sir for your post. The next meeting comes up in less than two weeks. You will have a proper response by then. Thanks

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